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A Doctor Will See Your Results Instantly

It’s like having a nurse right next to you at home. Comet MD monitors your vitals and is here to help manage the outcome.

We Provide All Equipment

No special equipment required! We provide you with everything you need to monitor yourself and send your results to your doctor’s office.

Medicare May Cover 100% of Your Costs

That’s right. In most cases, Medicare will take care of your equipment costs and monthly monitoring fees, so you pay nothing out of pocket.

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Hear From Our Patients

After using Comet MD for about two months, my blood pressure started acting wild. I went to the Doctor to find out why and that’s when we found a blood clot in my heart that could have killed me. Thank you Comet MD!

- Chris K.

A simple angiogram wasn't simple. I found out I had several major blockages and required 5 stents and 3 hours of surgery. My cardiologist said I was a walking time bomb. Thank you Comet MD for saving my life!

- Arthur

About CometMD

Comet MD is an East Tennessee-based technology company that connects patients with their doctors remotely, reducing unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office for routine monitoring. Comet MD is covered by Medicare for most of our patients.

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