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Comet MD enables patients and providers to stay connected, engaged, and healthy.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring and Telehealth Services for Patients and Providers

Comet MD is an East Tennessee-based healthcare technology company that connects physicians with their patients remotely, reducing unnecessary in-office visits for routine monitoring. Using, remote patient monitoring devices, all provided by Comet MD, patients will feel like they have a nurse right next to them at home, monitoring their vitals and managing their outcomes. There’s no easier way to care for your patients. The Comet Technical Team offers full remote technical support, mobile device management, and will enroll and educate all patients on the Comet MD system. 

The only total RPM and Telehealth solution, that provides the care patients deserve. The system is tablet based with a built-in cellular connection (or WiFi) and is pre-coupled with auxiliary equipment like blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters. As the patient takes readings, they are auto-uploaded to the system, providing caregivers with a much more comprehensive idea of the physical state of their patient. It is a truly data-driven system. The tablets are equipped with a HIPPA compliant, Audio/Video Telehealth platform for virtual visits to address any health concerns that data may reflect. 

Remote Physiologic Monitoring With All Devices Provided

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Audio/Video Telehealth Solution

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