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Stay Connected.

A reliable tablet based solution with built-in cellular connections and pre-coupled with auxiliary equipment like a blood pressure cuff. Readings auto-uploaded to the system to provide better insight on the physical state of the patient

Healthcare at home.

Using remote patient monitoring devices, all provided by Comet MD, patients will feel like they have a nurse right next to them at home, monitoring their vitals and managing their health outcomes. 


Preventative care.

Take control of your health. Comet MD is designed to capture healthcare concerns before they happen. The Comet MD solution will flag and notify healthcare providers of abnormal readings automatically and provide data for better healthcare decision making

Digital Healthcare technology

Trust Technology To Bridge The Gap

Remote care made Easy

Stay connected and engaged with your healthcare providers from home

Devices you will enjoy using

Simple devices that are easy to use, and fully programmed for your needs, before they arrive

Integrated Interventions

Catch health related concerns, before they happen and replace unnecessary doctor visits with virtual visits from home

Worry Less, Feel Better

Take your readings and have them transmitted instantly to your healthcare team for continuous, remote monitoring  

Person Centered Care

Customized care, for your health needs. Chronic illness, post-acute care, and wellness management 

Care you Deserve

Feel confident and in control of your health. Comet MD will bring the healthcare you deserve to your living room

Great peace of mind for someone keeping their eyes on the medical needs of a loved one

Aaron S.

"Great peace of mind for someone keeping their eyes on the medical needs of a loved one" Aaron S.

“Thought The Blood Pressure Monitoring Service Would Provide Good Info For Our Current Physicians So We Signed On. The Initial Monitor Of BP I Took Showed An Irregular Heartbeat And All Subsequent Showed The Same. I Found Out I Was Suffering From AFIB. My Cardiologist Is Now Treating The Condition.” -C.Klene 12/7/2020 (Current Patient)
Healthcare Technology

Trust Technology to Bridge the Gap

Highest Quality

I feel privileged to be able to monitor vital signs and head off any trouble early, steering my patients in the right direction for further assessment and treatment of any issues that are noticed via our electronic monitoring platform. This is the part of my job that is most rewarding!

I have also come to know a lot of my patients more so than many health care providers as I have more time to spend via telephone or audiovisual means. 

I feel tired all the time

I need help managing my pain

Is there support for me at home?

How can I manage my breathlessness?

We Are Here For YOU

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